Utah Sen. Pat Jones', D-Holladay, proposed education bill for 2014 deserves all of our support. Her foresightedness and her determination to "create jobs and allow schools to shrink class sizes by hiring new educators" is worthy of our highest and greatest consideration. Her objectives seek to greatly elevate the state's overall education system. I especially support her vision for educational improvement into rural areas where, it seems, less consideration is given. I especially support her verbiage regarding the "equalization mechanism" introduced in her bill, which explains that it "would be beneficial to rural schools which often suffer from lack of resources while still providing support for larger student populations."

Equal educational opportunity for all the children should prevail. We should have a laser focus on ensuring this takes place.

May we as citizens help to provide the most equal educational opportunity possible for all our children. It should be every parents' priority and every community members' goal.

Barbara Yaros

Salt Lake City