The closest race out here in the wild west is between Brogan Fullmer and the incumbent, Andy Dawson. Both gentlemen are running a hard-fought campaign for city council positions. The signs are up and calls have been made, But Dawson has been running a smaller campaign behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

In a desperate attempt by the incumbent to secure his spot against the newcomer, Dawson called to have Brogan's name removed from this year's ballot. It makes sense — the ambitious Fullmer came in just behind Dawson in primary voting. Thankfully, Dawson's appeal was quickly disregarded by fellow city officials.

We live in West Point for heaven's sake, there's no room here for desperate politics. I'm grateful that (most) of our city leaders and the other candidates chose virtue over political gerrymandering. Too often do we have to cry foul during election season, but this is no Capitol Hill. Other candidates did the honorable thing.

I'm disappointed Dawson would act this way after all these years in office. It's hard to fight the deception of the powers that be on the national political stage, but I will not allow my small town to be polluted by it. So you better bet that I'm getting out to vote this year for my small town. I'll be first in line waiting for the doors to open. This time my message will be heard. Shady politics? Not in West Point. Not ever.

Zac Spencer

West Point