Why does it seem that everyone is down on UTOPIA?

I'm not sure about the city in which you live, but my city has several public parks. And there are other services that my city provides. Why are so many down on a service that provides an inexpensive alternative to internet, telephone and probably cable TV? It is an aid to small business. A small internet service business cannot compete with the big companies without some help. I found a small business that had internet service several years ago. It was able to provide the service because of UTOPIA. The service I receive from them is at least as good as what I see advertised on TV. It recently was able to add telephone service, which I quickly signed up for. I have been very pleased.

If you want really good personal service, find a small business. Mine provides excellent service and a real person talks to me if I come across a problem.

UTOPIA is a service my city signed up for that, just like the several city parks, is a benefit for all its citizens and supports small business.

Find a small business that uses UTOPIA and sign up. You'll be happy you did.

And, yes, I will be voting for a new mayor this fall, and the one I will vote for will have a positive attitude toward UTOPIA.

Newel Standley