Deseret News

Each Wednesday the Deseret News publishes a Linda and Richard Eyre feature called "Why the family." The July 31 column, written by Richard Eyre, was titled "Studies show women help men to be more generous." The column appeared online July 30 under the title "Why men need women."

Several paragraphs in that column erroneously failed to use quotation marks to properly attribute their source as an article written for the New York Times by Adam Grant. Grant's article was directly referenced at the opening and close of the Eyres' column.

The Deseret News demands accuracy in attribution and sourcing. We require our columnists to submit articles that are original and accurate in content and style. The Eyres have acknowledged the seriousness of this error and have assured us this was an inadvertent oversight.

Given the seriousness of this mistake we have taken the following steps. We have removed the column from The Deseret News and the Eyres have formally apologized to the New York Times and Mr. Grant. Finally, we are conducting further review of this incident and our processes.

We offer sincere apologies to both The New York Times and Mr. Grant.