Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Sim Gill

On Aug. 13, the Salt Lake Tribune published an article titled, "Remark about Sim Gill's heritage draws condemnation." I find the comments about Sim Gill's heritage deplorable. Ad hominem attacks have no place in our public dialogue, especially when we need our leaders, and, specifically, Gill to answer hard questions about the issues.

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The questions for Gill include the following: Why does his office file 100-plus cases without evidence only to dismiss them? What involvement has his office had with the police in these cases? How, if in any way, does his office enable/lead/direct the police in these cases? Why does his office fail to take any responsibility for its actions in these cases? Why does Gill always seem to triangulate responsibility for such cases to other parties, be it the police, the victims or someone else?

I am fairly sure as to the answers of these questions. However, as a community, we cannot know the answers if we do not ask Gill the questions and hold him accountable for his responses. It is a certainty we cannot know if we continue to defile the public debate with ad hominem attacks.

Jonathan Fink

Salt Lake City