The Deseret News Sunday editorial ("Fantasy of the child-free life," Aug. 11) failed to acknowledge that single adults may also decide to become parents through a "private and sacred" decision.

For 34 years, I have been part of the adoption journey of many single adults, some of who adopted children in state custody or children with special needs for which couples did not apply. They endured a rigorous training and approval process, not required by couples who choose to parent. Single adults should be allowed to make the "enormous investment in the prosperity of our nation" that couples make.

Through divorce, I became a single parent of 10 children and I, too, looked at the "terrible odds facing children in non-marital households." But I was seriously committed to the welfare of my children and with hard work, love, and the help of family and friends, I continue to work through the joy and challenges of parenting — an experience that should be open to all responsible adults.

In a fair and ideal world, all children would grow up in functional two-parent homes. Oh, yes, and in an ideal world we would all be wealthy, rich, intelligent, kind and Trekkies.

Let's get real. It is more productive and positive to encourage and offer a helping hand to all parents — single or married.

Suzanne Stott

Salt Lake City