I want to plead for good sportsmanship at this year's Brigham Young University-Utah game. I'm not sure it will happen, though.

Recently on Facebook I saw a post to the effect that someone considered punishing his children by making them wear University of Utah T-shirts, which he was sure they'd refuse to wear, or regurgitate on, etc. I was offended by this. I think this rivalry has become so dirty; why would anyone like it to continue, except on a limited basis?

I remember being in the presence of BYU fans who became offensive bragging about BYU, and I was successful in keeping silent. Then more recently the wife of Utah's football coach was physically harmed in an unfortunate incident. I know there are Utah fans who are just as offensive as some BYU fans. And when someone tells me something offensive about BYU, I say I don't like it because it is demeaning to me as a person.

We are human beings first, fans second, by choice. Being avid myself, I don't oppose avid fans. I just don't see the offensive behavior headed anywhere but south. I think that, like it or not, BYU fans (more than Utah fans), just like the rest of the BYU and LDS community, are watched by the rest of the country to see if they are really as good as they seem to claim.

Linda Meldrum