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Danielle Willard

After hearing the conclusion from the Salt Lake County district attorney concerning the tragic shooting Danielle Willard, I want to reiterate my sympathy for her family. I am deeply concerned that people not connected to this tragedy are using it for political gain. Willard was a West Valley citizen, and these are West Valley police officers involved. In an ideal world, this matter should have been handled only by West Valley City. However, to the extent that this was not possible and that the Salt Lake County district attorney had to investigate, I am confident Sim Gill performed his duty with integrity. In addition, there are other legal investigations in process that need to be completed.

Furthermore, I believe Chad Bennion owes Gill a public apology for his comments in the Salt Lake Tribune. For Bennion to call the Salt Lake County district attorney a "cop hater" is very disappointing. I want to clarify and emphasize that Salt Lake County district attorney's finding only states that the shooting of Danielle Willard was not justified. No criminal charges have been brought at this point and our Constitution demands a presumption of innocence. There are currently about 170 brave men and women working diligently for the West Valley City police department. Let us not taint what they do everyday by playing county partisan politics.

Margaret Peterson

West Valley City