I have always been skeptical of associative identity disorder (multiple personalities), suspecting unsavory, immoral, unpopular or illegal cover up. Watching President Obama suggests malady may actually exist.

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He claims that Islam is peaceful, then "drones" five Yemenites. He denies war on terror, then claims credit for the takedown of impending or nascent attack. He councils scrutiny of all facts in Fort Hood shooting before judgement, but immediately states "police acted stupidly" for the arrest of Henry Gates. His claims that al-Qaida is but a "sliver of itself," "on the run," with "disrupted communications," is belied by the hasty closure of multiple U.S. embassies because of coordinated threat of worldwide proportions. Most egregiously, he waxes eloquently about uniting all Americans, but easily resorts to use of the race card to deflect any criticism of policy, actions or personal life.

Other examples could be examined, but reflective musing raises possibility that first idea actually was correct. Unsavory, immoral, unpopular or illegal just might be the best cover for the president's confusing behavior.

Chrisanne Sueltz