I thank the Deseret News for reminding us of the class warfare still smoldering in American society ("Romney insider details what went wrong," Aug. 11).

Spencer Zwick's assertion that Obama supporters were simply motivated by "what's in it for me" only reminds us that when the privileged shake their fingers at the non-privileged for greed and laziness, they are only revealing their own dishonesty and sense of entitlement. Dishonesty because we are supposed to believe that the privileged rose to the top only through the purest of disinterested motives, getting rich by accident rather than aggressiveness, connections, government lobbying and selfishness; sense of entitlement because they so take for granted government favoritism for the rich (15 percent capital gains taxes?) that they don't even see it, while casting the basic needs of the poor for health care as egregious and "merely" self interested.

I have had it with cheap anti-poor sermons and pro-rich victimology coming from people born with every privilege. And by the way, we poor do pay taxes — not to mention fighting wars that protect corporate profits and suffering the indignity of repeated insults to our character by people who have never really suffered.

Brian Harmon

Saratoga Springs