In a word, pathetic. ("USU chief joins plea to Feds for help, Aug. 1)

"Whatever else you do, don't cut our funding — for any such cut is bad for the people." Or so goes the message that Utah State University chief has joined in to tell Washington.

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Just how out of touch are these people? Everyone is asked to do more with less — but not our great intellectual centers of the country. Those who ask to be rewarded with ongoing, sustained and increased funding for themselves so that they can keep delivering innovation seem rather rich to me. If they are the great pioneers of innovation, leadership and economic growth, wouldn't it stand to reason that they could be innovating instead of asking the federal government to further spend us into oblivion?

I am very much for research and education, but we have a deficit and it is not just in our spending habits — it is in our institutions. Instead of developing innovators, leaders and valuable contributors to our society, we seem to be delivering educated people that spend most of their time holding their hands out for more.

Jack Scherbel