Vaughn Weston's letter had a few statements that need further clarification ("Two-way bigotry," Aug. 5).

The Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act had nothing to do with states' rights regarding marriage. The only part of DOMA that was contested in that case had to do with federal recognition of gay marriages; state involvement wasn't addressed. Their sending Proposition 8 back to a lower court over lack of standing was merely a way for them to kick the can down the road to delay a ruling on that issue.

The problem many have with Orson Scott Card is not about his personal thoughts on gay marriage but more about his extremely virulent homophobia and hatred of gay people. I fully support the right of anyone to think what they will about homosexuals and gay marriage, but when someone wishes that homosexuals should be sent to jail just for being gay and advocate overthrowing the government over the issue of gay marriage ("... Any government that attempts to change it (marriage) is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down ...") has overstepped the bounds of mere opinion.

Gay marriage is a big deal for all Americans and will be for some time, but cherry-picking facts and ignoring what people have actually said about the issue just to make a point is not the best way to make an argument.

Adam McDonald

West Valley City