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Salt Lake County Jail
Four people, including the reigning Miss Riverton, Kendra Gill, were arrested over the weekend for allegedly throwing homemade explosive devices at people over the weekend. No one was injured.

In regards to Miss Riverton and her three friends and their escapades in Riverton, I think it is important to consider the actual consequences of their incendiary device throwing ("Miss Riverton, others arrested in explosives investigation," Aug. 6). The Fire Authority captain indicated these devices "could" take off limbs, they "could" cause death.

I think the actual damages caused by the devices is important. Unless I read the story incorrectly, there were no serious injuries or death.

If a negligent driver is texting and comes upon a child playing in the street and at the very last moment slams on the breaks and does not hit the child — should they be prosecuted to the same degree as the the driver who actually kills a child? If you say "yes," I think you are wrong.

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Recently a kid punched a soccer referee and the referee died. Would he receive the same punishment if the referee had ducked or just caught a glancing blow? I would argue no. Intent is one part of the law and the actual consequences may be minor details to the Riverton Fire Authority captain but to me they are pretty important.

Before we all get our stones out to throw at these kids in the public square, we need to first distinguish which kid(s) were most involved in the planning and throwing, then we need to ask ourselves if we did stupid things that could have gotten ourselves or others maimed or possibly killed.

Maybe earlier today when we were texting and driving.

Jim Low

Cedar Hills