Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Network Operations Center Technicians work in the NOC, Network Operations Center at Utopia, a fiber optic company Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011.

If UTOPIA is such a great program why is it that only 11 cities out of some 240 Utah municipalities have Utopia service?

UTOPIA was scheduled to be completed in three years around Orem. It took about nine years to get to our neighborhood. I found out that at present, only about only 38 percent of the city is covered by UTOPIA. Why has it taken so long? I am sure that if UTOPIA were a private company, it would probably gone belly up long ago.

Why were Orem residents not allowed to vote for or against UTOPIA when it began? Surely we citizens should have had the opportunity to either accept or reject the system in the beginning?

I learned recently that a court order is needed to put the word "UTOPIA" on the ballot. If this is not done, a phrase such as "municipal operations" would be used in order to cover up a negative vote on UTOPIA and mislead people in voting for the continuation of the system's wasteful maintenance.

So why UTOPIA?

Grant Turnblom