To Richard Burt ("Defunding Obamacare," Aug. 7) and those who sincerely believe Obamacare is the answer:

Former Utah governor and head of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt wrote an article in the Deseret News stating that the original cost of Medicare and Medicaid was $11 billion. The final price tag: $111 billion — and it's bankrupt.

If Obamacare starts at $1.3 trillion by their estimates — with 2,300 pages of uninterpreted regulations and programs, and we only multiply by a conservative 10 — Obamacare costs 13 trillion. Our gross national product is $16 trillion. Forget all the other services — we're bankrupt.

Currently we are over $16 trillion in debt, and by Obama's own estimates, it will be between $21 trillion and $24 trillion by the time he is out of office.

Please share with me something the federal government does better than local government.

I suggest we let each state keep its money and solve its own problems. The feds can handle defense at 10 times what it should cost, and leave the rest of it to people who really can solve problems, not just drop sound bites to get re-elected. Utah is a great example.

Carl Gundestrup