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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
John Swallow

The publicity campaign against John Swallow has now been expanded to the impugning of House Speaker Becky Lockhart for her seeming lack of precognition. Though any results of the multiple investigations into Swallow's character and actions are probably weeks if not months away, the drum beat of accusations has been incessant. It causes one to wonder, who are the drummers and who is penning the score?

Is this a real search for truth or just a political witch hunt as Swallow claims? The constants of the drumming would seem to give credence to Swallow's view. Or could there be a deeper agenda at work? Is the real intent to serve Swallow's head on a platter, with the accompanying partisan advantage? Or could it be that the drummers are seeking to distract from, discredit and derail Utah's effort to gain control of our own public lands — An effort which the Legislature supported and which Swallow promised to pursue?

Thomas Brown