Here in Utah, we are a peculiar people, as Bryant Jensen wrote in his article on stressing integration to pass a House bill on immigration ("Stress integration to pass House bill," July 31). We overwhelmingly support the Utah Compact and the sanctity of families.

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Those of us who have been blessed to have been born in this great country should desire to share our blessings with others through providing them with an earned path to citizenship. Citizenship would lead to immigrant integration, less poverty, increased gross domestic product, reduced federal deficit, Social Security shortfalls, etc.

Of course, we need the E-Verify Program to keep out the criminal element, continue to seal the border and require a working knowledge of English from those applying for citizenship. But by removing the overwhelming obstacles and fines for law-abiding immigrants to earn citizenship, we can show brotherly kindness and enjoy the contributions of our brothers and sisters south of the border now and in succeeding generations as they more fully integrate.

Gae Grunander

Spanish Fork