Previous to this year, my annual property tax included the cost of residential trash service. This year, our local government changed the trash service from a tax to a fee. The significance of which removes the cost of trash service from a tax-deductable item to a nontaxable fee which raises my federal and state income taxes.

As I don't expect to see any reduction in my property taxes, I am pretty certain that I will still pay the same or more in property tax.

On top of this, the trash service company sent bills at the start of the year for the total payment of the trash service for the entire year. Of course, they did not offer to pay any interest on the advanced money.

On further investigation, I spoke to a nice lady at the phone number on the bill and she confirmed that if I did not pay the bill, it would be added to my tax bill at the end of this year — but it still would be nontaxable.

So while we give tax-exempt status to many things including political groups, there will no longer be tax exemption for complying with the law.

Robert Neale

Salt Lake City