John Florez knows no more about education and how it should be run than the legislators and educators he criticizes ("Compulsory education not the issue," Aug. 3). And he's doing the very same thing as they are — telling those who are in the trenches how to do their job from his desk on high.

He advocates having the governor and a five-member board in charge that would establish bottom-up planning by, among other things, setting standards, accountability and performance contracts, etc. That's like the leftists who say we need socialism so we can have freedom and prosperity — neither of which are possible under socialism. What he proposes is not much different than what is happening now.

I retired as a teacher, not because I was tired of teaching. The parents were happy, the kids looked forward to school each day and I got good test scores. I was just so tired of the government and district interference of the kind Florez is advocating.

Yes, we need some change, but not the rhetoric that strengthens top-down, while stating that it is bottom-up, management. We don't want the government telling local businesses how to run their businesses, because government leaders can't know all the different situations, etc. We need to quit accepting federal government control as we run after their money. We need to erase government interference and divide up the big districts into community-sized districts and leave them, the local parents and educators, to do what they, and they only, can do best — namely teach the children.

David Cox