Orson Scott Card Photo by Bob Henderson

A week ago, proponents of same-sex marriage ostracized Orson Scott Card for his personal views on this subject. They have launched campaigns to punish this individual for his personal views, because they do not fit the views of these left-leaning proponents on this issue.

The liberal media and organizations that have promoted the idea that same-sex marriage is a right have polarized the American people with this idea and concept. In reality same-sex marriage is not a right. The Supreme Court's action on DOMA restores and upheld the right of the individual states to define marriage. The return of the Propostion 8 case to the lower court further upheld this decision. There is no fundamental right that prevents same-sex marriage from being legislated against. This issue falls into the same category as polygamy, polyandry and incest. If same-sex marriage is acceptable then all of these and others should also be acceptable.

Suggesting that because of Card's concept of marriage (he and those he associates with, whether they support or disagree with his personal views) should be economically punished demonstrates that bigotry on this issue can run both ways.

Vaughn Weston