As you may have read in the newspaper, the Bountiful City Council voted last week to proceed with building a new city hall, even $10.5 million (it was originally $4.6 million).

I attended the meeting where the vote was taken, and I left completely convinced that Bountiful does not need a new city hall. I was pleased to note that two of the council members (Fred Moss and Richard Higginson) voted against the plan. Unfortunately, their sound arguments fell on deaf ears and they were one vote short of a majority to stop the project.

It is unnecessary to construct a new building for $10.5 million when upgrades (IT and handicapped access) to the current building could be completed for maybe only $1 million or so.

The city proposes to vacate the current city hall and provide the space to the Art and History Center. That is a generous and workable offer, but the city could build a new center as well as an upgraded city hall for probably less than half the proposed costs of just a new city hall alone.

Moreover, most people I know believe the current city hall is beautifully sited, efficient and capable of serving the city for many decades to come.

Dean Collinwood