When I woke up on July 28 and read the teaser on the top of section B in the Deseret News, "Cedar City Flash Flood Brings A Record-Breaking Amount of Rain" something clicked. I've been wrong all this time. You see, I have labored for 60-plus years with the apparent misconception that it was rain that usually caused flash floods. This cause-and-effect concept can be somewhat tricky for some of us.

Then, the epiphany continued — we really do need to pass laws so we can find out what is in them. We desperately need to spend and borrow like a drunken sailor to bring about national economic prosperity. And most politicians' campaign promises are the first, last and only thing they do once they get elected.

I hope there is still time for me to completely absorb my new reality. Rain causes floods? Silly me.

Scott Soulier

South Jordan