The University of Utah now offers a masters degree in Petroleum Engineering. Congratulations!

We already have over five times the fossil fuel reserves to thoroughly cook this planet and make it uninhabitable for the bulk of mankind.

The U.'s petroleum engineers will have the skills to extract, process and burn more efficiently — directly contributing to the cooking of the planet and to the cooking of their own kids and grandkids.

Petroleum — and fossil fuel in general — is a 19th century energy source which must be fully retired if humanity is to survive.

I love the University of Utah. I was dean of its College of Engineering from 1983 to 1987. We knew then about the limitations and problems with fossil fuels, about global warming and climate change. Why such a current lack of vision and ethics that we want to encourage technologies, majors and degrees whose major outcome is to further destroy this fragile world?

Hopefully, students will vote with their feet and stay away from such degrees. For those that do enroll, I'd suggest a double major. Perhaps the U. will offer certificates or degrees in typewriter design or buggy whip manufacture.

Joe Andrade

Salt Lake City