I have been fortunate to travel this great country a fair amount. Everywhere I go I see and talk with hardworking people with great values, morals and ethics. It seems to me there is a large disconnect between people's attitudes and the attitudes presented in the media as being the norm or representing the majority. I am of the opinion those attitudes often do not represent the majority of Americans.

So why is it presented that way? I call it the "silent majority." If the majority does not get involved in fighting the sleaze of the world, the minority sleaze, who are very active in their causes, soon appear to be the majority, when in fact they are not.

I encourage all to become active in letting others know of your attitudes. Be willing to stand for what you feel is correct. Use your Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites to express your views. Become familiar with your state and federal representatives' email addresses and use them often. Use the opinion sections of newspapers and other media outlets to let your voice be heard. Be willing to contact media outlets. Whatever you choose as your method, don't stand nonchalantly by thinking "all is well" — that's what the frog in the warm water pot thought.

Jeff Porter