, Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
A new poll indicates an "extremely low" approval rating of just 12 percent for embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow. About 78 percent of Utahns polled think Swallow should resign while 72 percent believe the Utah House of Representatives should begin formal impeachment proceedings against him, according to the BYU poll.

The current circus over the attorney general's office is getting beyond belief. Why would you want a lawyer to investigate another lawyer in the first place? I doubt very much that the former attorney general and his designated successor have really done anything illegal. This is not a question of illegal and legal, but a question of right and wrong and proper and improper.

Maybe a sports analogy can put this in proper perspective. How would you feel about the head official and another major one being entertained at plush facilities by the coach and star player of the upcoming championship series? Maybe some private conversations about the philosophy of how the game might be officiated, and generally, just to get better acquainted. Officials don't have the income that the players and coaches have so some nice gifts can help with the gap.

This investigation is a complete waste of time and money. It will turn into a witch hunt to find something illegal somewhere to justify it. Let's drop it and get on with the best government we can with what we have, and maybe the voters can be a little more aware of what is going on and do a better job next time at the poles. Poor judgment is not grounds for impeachment, or even an investigation into the same. Ethics in government is very tough, when one of the first priorities after an election is to start raising funds for the next election. Gifts, donations, contributions, influence peddling, and bribery are hard to separate sometimes.

Berwyn Andrus