Seminole County Sheriff's Office, File, Associated Press
This file booking photo provided by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office shows George Zimmerman.

I have paid close attention to the George Zimmerman trial and its aftermath and it seems to me the press and the some extremists are attempting to make this into a divisive racial issue, mostly of blacks against whites. If I am not mistaken the defendant here is of mixed race himself being part white and part Hispanic.

Why Al Sharpton, Juan Williams, President Obama and others keep trying to divide us against one another is beyond my ability to reason. Do they really want to create unrest between us? I can't remember any kind of demonstrations or outrage when OJ Simpson was acquitted in the murder of his white wife and her white friend.

Other than Zimmerman acting in self defense and Simpson being not guilty, could someone satisfactorily explain why the reaction to one be so different from the other?

Fred Hansgen