A sale pending sign hangs outside a home Tuesday, July 25, 2006, in Sandy, Utah.

The letter "Old and new Utah culture" was excellent and so true for some areas, not all, but some areas in Utah (July 6).

My husband and I also moved from California three years ago, but fortunately we moved to an area where all people, no matter where they are from, are enthusiastically welcomed. Unlike our friends that moved to an area in St. George where they were treated like they were aliens from another planet by a few of the people who were generational St. Georgians. Does this kind of culture exist in other states like it does in pockets of Utah?

Like Terry Gunn of Elk Ridge, even though I am a Californian, some of my ancestors helped to settle this state, but that does not give me any more of a right to live here than someone moving here without any roots to the state of Utah.

It is so hard to understand the mindset of people that just because they have lived in a state their entire lives and generations before them that they "own the state." It certainly was not like that in California. I was born and raised in California, but because my next door neighbor moved from another state, I did not feel that I deserved to live there anymore than someone else.

There will continue to be people migrating to this great state — let's welcome them and be friendly and accepting of our neighbors wherever they are from. This is America.

Sally Wible