Rep. Aaron Osmond recently proposed ending compulsory education. I agree. As a teacher, I find myself chasing down students smoking joints; questioning students about stolen electronic devices; reporting signs of abuse to counselors; diffusing a parent's verbal abuse of a son or daughter; assessing the facts to determine honesty in a project or exam; and constantly reminding students of due dates.

I had a young man last year whose parents had walked 1,000 miles to escape civil war. His father's leg had been shot off during a battle. Now refugees, the father explained that the top reason they're staying here is so their children can get a good education.

Education to them is a priceless gem. Their son understood his parents' attitude — and it showed. He worked hard, he didn't complain, he didn't make excuses, he succeeded.

Parents, I am not your kid's nanny, cop, detective, case worker, mediator, judge or secretary. I'm a science educator in the state of Utah. Let me focus on what I was trained to do: learn from, learn with, and teach your teens.

Plus I have to admit — I do a pretty poor job at chasing down marijuana smokers.

Ben Watkins