Josh Noel, Mct
Visitors can get up close to wild horses at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs, South Dakota. (Josh Noel/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Horse slaughter is coming back to the U.S. ("Horse Slaughter to be Discussed in Legislative Hearing," July 16). Horses suffer from transport and slaughter. They are shipped in crowded trucks in severe weather extremes without food or water. Horses are hard to properly stun at the slaughterhouse, so some are still fully conscious as they're dismembered piece by piece.

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We need to quickly pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, which would make it illegal to transport horses that are to be slaughtered for human consumption over state lines. It would also make it illegal to ship them overseas for slaughter. Since horse meat in the U.S. often contains drugs, it's not safe for human consumption.

To protect horses and our food supply, we need to ask Congress to pass this legislation.

In such a hard economic time, our taxpayer dollars should not be used to slaughter horses.

William McMullin

Royal Oak, Mich.