I felt strongly about thanking Sara Israelson-Hartley and the Deseret News for her hard work on the series that ran last week on pornography and for running such detailed information. We are constantly warned by faith leaders and mental health experts about the dangers of this growing threat to our nation, but too often we all think it's just the way life is. This series of articles brought thoughtful and accurate proofs of the damage being done, as well as what needs to be done to work against this harmful industry.

I felt a stab of guilt when I read how public opinions affect the attitudes of prosecutors regarding obscenity, and there was a great list of what we can all do against pornography. I would suggest going to the Parents Television Council website, too, to find a list of advertisers on shows that encourage obscenity.

My awareness is heightened and I hope many others will feel that way, too. We are definitely in a battle for the life of the family, and we cannot afford to just turn away with apathy anymore.

Gayle Higgins

South Jordan