I am the mother of two kids with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I know firsthand how difficult it is to balance blood sugars. No amount of eating right or exercising will make this disease go away. I know how hard it is for parents of young T1D children to go to bed every night, worried that their child's blood sugar will drop too low and their child will pass out. The emotional toll on families is costly.

T1D has been called the fastest rising rare disease in history. No one knows why it is increasing so rapidly. The parameters are changing rapidly also. Children are being diagnosed younger and younger, and now adults are also being diagnosed.

Our family is grateful for the support Sen. Orrin Hatch has shown in getting the Special Diabetes Program renewed. This program has been instrumental in searching for a cure and finding better ways to take care of T1D. Even though we all know government costs need to be reduced at this time, America can't afford to lose this program. Diabetes complications are a major part of our rising health care costs.

Thank you Sen. Hatch for your support in helping the families struggling with this disease, and for giving us hope that someday soon we will have a cure.

Carol Hatch

Salt Lake City