A recent study finds that women who earn more than their potential spouse are more likely to have negative economic or family outcomes. But attitudes may be changing among young people toward supporting dual-career households.

The one-income household is rapidly becoming extinct, and more and more women are bringing home a majority of the income to households. As women gain more responsibility in the workplace, they haven't been adequately relieved at home and in the community. Generally, discussion of unequal duties in families is reserved for book club, lunches, play dates and frustration when other family members aren't pulling their weight.

I rarely hear men speak of concern for the well-being of their significant others when it comes to equal workload and pay. There are all kinds of people telling women how to change their behavior to attain higher pay, flex scheduling, respect, etc. The dialogue needs to include mens responsibilities in possibly changing their schedule to support goals and family needs.

The end result will be happier families and societal change, which won't evoke a reaction to a man at the park on Tuesday afternoon akin to "the poor guy was probably downsized." Accordingly, gentlemen should invest time and money to a cause that will pay off for generations to come.

Matt Dimick

Salt Lake City