One important point missed in the story titled "Is food going to waste?" (July 10), is the lesson children learn when they or their parents are made to throw good food in the trash. As a participant, I've seen a sickening waste — unopened bags of carrots, chips, milk, whole oranges, apples, nectarines — all ending up in the trash.

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This undermines what I try to teach my children at home that food is to be valued, appreciated and never wasted. Resources are consumed to produce that food, transport it, prepare it and put it on their plates. They should respect that, and be grateful they have good plentiful food to eat.

Our schools teach children to recycle and be green. Food is the same thing, a resource, yet we are teaching the opposite.

Abolishing the rule that forbids taking home food is the easiest solution. How is disallowing taking food home because someone other than the child might eat it better than throwing good food away? Trust parents to behave responsibly and in the best interest of their children — most do and will. The rule is cynical, unethical and devalues food and people.

Ron Hill

Salt Lake City