What Utah's political right fails to understand is that our greatest advantage as a nation has always been when our diversity is balanced. To the degree that one aspect of our collective nature becomes exaggerated out of proportion, there is a loss of balance and often a fall. The whole of the nation suffers, becoming less rather than more than the sum of its parts. This is our challenge here in Utah where widespread commitment to an immoderate right-wing brand of constitutional absolutism is arguably more myopic than inspired.

Disturbingly facile and unfocused is how most Americans view the far-right narrative of an errant president given to socialistic policies in violation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, the result of right-leaning ideological extremism locally and nationally has been a scorched earth policy of indiscriminate opposition to nearly all presidential initiatives.

Is further hardening of the current rift between Democrats and Republicans and more political gridlock really what we as Utahns want as our contribution to national politics? History teaches that extremism in any form, either on the right or on the left, is always the problem rather than any kind of solution.

Andrew McDonald