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President Barack Obama

Thank you to President Barack Obama for courageously unveiling a bold Climate Action Plan — at a time when we are faced with unprecedented drought, heat waves, floods and superstorms. Thank you for being a leader and recognizing that American families cannot afford to bear the financial, health and human costs that climate change continues to bring.

It is heartening to see our president stand up, demonstrating that he understands the science behind climate change; seizing the great opportunity to create new American jobs and more prosperous communities, while promoting cleaner air and healthier water. As President Obama expressed, "There is no contradiction between a sound environment and a strong economy."

Why, then, does our very own Gov. Gary Herbert support excessively dirty energy sources like tar sands and oil shale? This is not only environmentally short-sighted, but will also be disastrous for Utah's long-term economic prosperity.

Kirsten Gellella

Salt Lake City