Sarah A. Miller, Deseret News
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck meets with fans at Deseret Book in downtown Salt Lake City Friday, July 16, 2010.

Glenn Beck's reputation as a polemist has become worldwide. Here in France, he is specifically known for two things: being a Latter-day Saint and making hateful comments about my country and fellow citizens.

Agreed, freedom of the press only wears out if not used. As a political commentator, he has the God-given right to hate and bash us, even in the most rabid way. However, as a Latter-day Saint, he should realize that he might give French people the wrong idea that being anti-French is part of Mormon doctrine.

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He may have heard of the opposition, including court actions, the church is facing right now as it tries to build a temple in le Chesnay, a suburb of Versailles with a very conservative, very Catholic and very prejudiced population. Does he think that his anti-French diatribes are helping to solve the litigation, or more generally, to improve the image of the church in this country? Moderating his rhetoric might make things much easier for us French Saints as well as for the missionaries working in France.

Laurent Lechifflart

Saint-Vallier, France