The Deseret News "What Others Say" editorial concluded that Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline ("Expand Keystone XL" July 3).

Canadian tar sands "oil" is among the most CO2-intensive fossil fuels on the planet, comparable to Utah's equally dirty tar sands and oil shales. Approval of Keystone ignores the planetary consequences of expanding the burning of fossil fuels, documented in the film "Do the Math."

Utilizing only one-fifth of our existing documented fossil fuel resources will result in a planet so overheated that most of humanity will not survive. Those fossil fuel reserves need to stay where they are — safely sequestered underground.

An addict is one who continues to do something in the short term that is very dangerous in the longer term. We have a nation, society,and civilization addicted to fossil fuels.

Approving Keystone is tantamount to advocating filling the oil syringes and selling them — advocating national and international "drug" dealing. You don't address fossil fuel addiction by exporting more fossil fuels. Stop expanding the use of fossil fuels. A carbon fee and dividend process would help initiate the transition.

Advocating actions which are detrimental to society and civilization is irresponsible and immoral. Please stop.

Joseph Andrade

Salt Lake City