The opinion column titled, "All Utahns need to be more accepting of each others' differences," spoke mostly of Mormons and Non-Mormons being accepting (Natalie Gochnour July 5). I think it's more than that.

After moving here from California, a neighbor expressed his displeasure that I had moved here because I was driving up the price of property, homes, etc. I found that surprising since I was willing to pay a far lower price than my Utah seller was asking.

This Utahn has continued to demonstrate his displeasure to me, and others, yet we are of the same religion — and my family helped establish this state. He doesn't like the fact that I, and others, have come from out of state, which he did many years ago himself.

It isn't just Mormons and non-Mormons; it's old Utah culture and new Utah culture learning to accept each other.

Terry Gunn

Elk ridge