It is sad to me that so many individuals and minority groups can tie up court calendars with objections like the one regarding the Jesus statue at Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana ("Ruling on Jesus Statue latest in conflicting court decisions," July 1). The reason for my letter is that this article put a scare in me.

If this trend of bottling up the courts continues, how long will it be before the courts start to take crosses off of church buildings, and then steeples, signs with meeting times and scriptures, and maybe all church buildings should also be hidden? — whether its public or private land.

I think it is time for the courts to get back to our original Constitution, granting freedoms from these suits. You know the snowball effect: Win a small victory, let the head swell some and then go after something bigger, etc. When does it stop?

The Fourth of July renews our Constitution and the freedoms it provides. Let's celebrate the good things of our country.

Mike Schmucker