As a proud People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supporter, I take issue with some of the findings in the new PPP poll regarding people's attitudes towards animals and animal-protection groups ("More than half of Americans favor dogs over cats; many dream of owning a tiger, giraffe, or dinosaur," June 24).

It's easy to be in favor of being "humane" — almost everyone would like to see Japan and Norway stop killing whales, for example — but it's harder to take a close look at our own habits and see how what we buy, what we wear and what we eat can either help or hurt animals.

PETA's job is to push the envelope and get us thinking about these issues — and to encourage consumers to choose cruelty-free products instead of those that were tested by blinding bunnies in laboratories, animal-friendly fashions instead of fur and leather, and humane vegan meals instead of meat and dairy.

Colleen Hatfield

Salt Lake City