Ben Brewer, Deseret News
Alvin Webb speaks passionately in opposition to the proposed tax increase during a public hearing at the Salt Lake County Government Center on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012.

I collect editorials concerning tax issues from time to time. It seems like every editorial supports tax increases proposed by city and county governments, claiming the necessity of such increases. Last Sunday there was another one supporting the tax hike that Salt Lake City wants. It's just a few dollars here and a few dollars there — but even that in time adds up to a rather healthy tax bite, especially when so many people are still hurting financially.

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I attend the Salt Lake County budget meetings every December and listen to the rhetoric of why the county and the cities need more money. The governments claim they have cut to the bone, but they still cannot manage to balance the budget without tax increases. Their idea of cutting to the bone and mine must be quite different concepts.

Chances are people in Utah may be willing to dispense with some services, especially when they are paying for duplicate city and county services. Do we really need a county government and a city government providing the same services?

Wade Miller