Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Utah Attorney General John Swallow speaks with reporters in Salt Lake City.

A recent Deseret News issue showed an article on the ongoing state attorney general's problems adjacent to an article regarding fraudsters preying on those in religious communities. This was an insightful editorial judgment.

In the past 50 years I have seen many wolves in sheep's clothing financially rip open the lives of trustful and hopeful folks. Many of these victims lost their homes and/or had to delay their retirements. Due to some of these attacks, some children could not afford to attend college.

In Utah, attorneys general John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff choose to eat, socialize and get funds from these types of financial predators. Shurtleff, as state attorney general, did not vigorously and quickly hunt and shut down these white collar criminals. These "confidence men" are people I would not even invite into my home or take a phone call from.

It is a sad commentary that the principals in this Utah tragedy cannot see how seriously they have erred and damaged the state attorney general's office. The majority of the state Legislature also seems to be suffering from a similar blindness. Hopefully in the next election, Utah voters will see and remember how their representatives stood and voted on this sad Swallow affair.

Anthony Arnason