Double-digit property tax increases should only be implemented when a municipality is in dire straits. But five members of the Salt Lake City Council have levied a 14 percent tax increase on city property owners.

Council Chairman Kyle LaMalfa and Councilmen Luke Garrott, Jill Remington Love, Charlie Luke and Soren Simonsen recently were handed a balanced budget with no property tax increase. But this gang of five took it upon themselves to raise revenue in the budget by $8 million through a double-digit property tax hike. If the increase is needed, it should be on a more common-sense level, in the range of 3-4 percent and not 14 percent. Property taxpayers are not the city councils credit card for spurious revenue.

Double-digit property tax increases are hurtful, regressive and unpalatable. This tax increase places an unnecessary and discriminatory burden on city property owners. Perhaps council members should have advertised more vociferously that they were considering a double-digit tax increase. Then their public meetings would have been better attended.

Kudos to Mayor Becker and Councilmen Carlton Christensen and Stan Penfold for opposing this property tax increase. If only my representative had done the same. Its not too late, LaMalfa.

David B. Troester

Salt Lake City