Friday's air quality story quotes Dave McNeill of Division Air Quality: "We are so far past desperate....with growth the problem is only going to get worse... We're supposed to add another million people by 2040, and those people are not going to come pollution-free" ("Utah air quality regulators 'past desperate' to find new ways to shave pollution," June 20). McNeill gets it. Unfortunately Herbert, McAdams, Wasatch Choices 2040 and most others do not.

Yes, we can do a bit to "shave pollution," but the fundamental problem is growth — growth in population and growth in economy. The "solution" to air quality is to not add a million people by 2040, and to not grow the economy along the urban Wasatch Front. Let it grow elsewhere. We need to demand some reality. Our leaders need to have the guts to talk about what they surely understand or they need to be replaced with those that do have the guts and the understanding. The valley is finite and polluted. Don't make it worse.

Joe Andrade

Salt Lake City