J. Scott Applewhite, AP
It is with our congressional leaders today, who keep making excuses for not taking a stand on immigration. The most common excuse: They want to first secure the border before doing anything else.

Oh, how I wish we could get our legislators to recognize they have a problem. They keep getting caught up into voting for "comprehensive" bills in very quick order before they are finalized, let alone before anyone has time to read them. We keep getting massive bills from these folks that never seem to address the real issue. On immigration, we are told we cannot secure the border without a comprehensive immigration plan. Why must we be subjected to a virtual strip search to fly on an aircraft? Why are we told that the government must have access to all our phone records? We are told it is all in the name of national security.

So I ask, why can't we demand that each person that crosses our border be subjected to great scrutiny without "comprehensive" changes? Why don't we turn the TSA and the NSA on to the border control problem?

Jack Scherbel