Edward Snowden is a traitor? I think not. The real traitors begin with the present president, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and those who are supporting them and continues through many years of previous federal leadership. All these men and women swore to uphold and support the Constitution. But what have they really supported? Its subtle overthrow. A little here, and a little there. A piece at a time. And we just sit and watch it happen. Where's our outrage? Why aren't we marching in the streets of America?

Do we have any heroes left? Well, there's one, and he's hiding out in Hong Kong. Why? Because the last three guys who worked for the NSA, with 82 years of experience, who tried to expose this same behavior by our government, were "destroyed" by it. Their names are Thomas Drake, William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe.

Terry Gunn

Elk Ridge