With credit card debt set to reach $47 billion, maybe we need to take a look at what we really need to spend money on

I recently read an article about curbing credit card debt ("Americans to rack up $47B in debt," June 11). One answer is to look for a new job. I would say a better answer would be to learn to curb your "appetite" for things.

You really don't need that many clothes. You really don't need that new outrageously priced car. You really don't need all those expensive "toys." You really don't need to "eat out" that often or to pay $3 a pound for hamburger or buy all those expensive prepared foods. You really don't need a cell phone.

This list is endless. When will we get tired of paying all these crazy prices and simply decide to live a simpler, cheaper life? And before you say I can choose to do that if I would like, think again. If society as a whole decides not to pay those crazy prices, prices will adjust. But as long as people will pay those prices, they will continue upward, putting additional budget pressure on others.

Jeff Porter