Tina Fineberg, AP

If you want your children to participate in extracurricular activities it will and should cost extra. It is unfortunate that schools have had to hire debt collectors ("Extracurricular activities," June 11), but parents, pay your dues. You chose to put your child in the activity.

School is intended to teach children the fundamentals. While schools offer other activities, these should not have to be paid for by the general education fund but by the parents who want their children in these activities.

As a mother, I realize it is my responsibility and no one else's to pay for these activities. The teachers who supervise these activities should be paid and facilities for these activities must be maintained. That is where the fees for extracurricular activities need to go. If you work a job and work beyond your 40 hours a week you are paid overtime. Why then shouldn't teachers be paid beyond their job of teaching our children? Pay for it, don't expect someone else to take care of what you should. Then schools won't have to hire the debt collectors.

Shauna Humphrey

West Jordan