Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
The Salt Lake DREAM Team Urges Senator Orrin Hatch to Stand by Utah Families And Support Immigration Reform at a small event Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

In his letter ("Immigration complex," May 12), Brian Jones misrepresents a statement I made in my earlier letter ("Amnesty unjust," May 2). I wrote, "Those here illegally need to return with their families to their home countries and get in line with everyone else." "With their families" means parents fulfilling their parental responsibility by choosing to take their American-born minor children with them to their home countries and there raise them to adulthood, at which point these dual-citizenship children may then return to this country, if they so choose.

However, Jones mischaracterizes this situation as society "forcing" such children out of this country, either that or society "forcibly" splitting up families in order to keep such children here. In fact, society does neither thing. Such mischaracterization places society in a false moral bind. It is among the ploys used by those who, for various reasons, would legalize the residency status of those in this country illegally. What makes the ploy particularly cynical is that it falsely shifts primary responsibility from parent to society. The fact is, parents — not society — are responsible for the choices they make and for the impact of those choices upon their own children.

Mark Terran

Salt Lake City