Ravell Call, Deseret News
Voters cast ballots during early voting at the Salt Lake County Government Center in Salt Lake City, Monday, Oct. 8, 2012.

Tiani Coleman suggests a nonpartisan blanket primary with instant-runoff voting ("My view: We need real primaries in Utah," May 30). Backing up a little, we should allow interested voters to populate the ballot by their first choice in an "early vote." The outcome would then establish the order of names on the ballot and in that same order allow the candidates to choose broadcast media time to put forward their views on a public holiday — Voter Information Day. Regular voters could then arrange their candidate choices having the benefit of hearing the candidates present their views.

The "early voters" would probably include many who would presently attend caucus meetings and any other voters who recognized the "early vote" as an advocacy opportunity. I believe this format would reduce the number of non-voters and inspire many to vote early or later, but vote.

Richard H. Kimball